Light, Sound and Video Technician

The Light, Sound and Video Technician Academy is a program designed to provide graduating students with technical experiences in light and sound reproduction for performance enhancement for large or small group audiences. The combination of skills gained through this training is highly transferable to technical jobs in many venues.

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Job Outlook

Light, Sound and Video Job Outlook: Sound Engineering Technicians
Light, Sound and Video Job Outlook: File & Video Editors
Light, Sound and Video Job Outlook: A/V Equipment Technicians

Required Courses

  • Electricity and Electronics l
  • Introduction to Video Communications
  • Advanced Video
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Work Seminar
  • Real-World Experience

Recommended Courses And Activities

  • General Physics
  • Drafting I through CAD
  • AV Tech Club


Post-Secondary Programs

Upon successful completion of the Light, Sound and Video Academy, the student may be encouraged to apply for admission to Blackbeard Academy, Nashville, TN for further study.

Work Seminar

Work Seminar is an on-campus business course used in conjunction with Internship and Work-Based Learning experiences. Students interested in obtaining high school credit through Interning should register for Work Seminar. This course gives students the opportunity to explore various careers and build essential foundational skills in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. Aptitude and personality analysis are explored along with work safety, resume building, interview preparation, and budgeting. Soft skills taught throughout the course include: responsibility at the workplace, taking initiative, reliability, workplace ethics, and communication skills.

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Bennet Aube

Bennet Aube is an ’06 graduate of BHS and attended the Institution of Production and Recording in Minneapolis where he earned an associates degree in Media Arts for Audio Production & Engineering. After schooling, he spent 4 years living in the New Jersey/ New York area working with various production companies for documentaries, films, radio spots, and commercial production. In his decision to return to Northern Minnesota to be closer to family, lakes and wildlife, he has taken the position of Broadcast and Auditorium Technician and AV Tech Club Instructor for Bemidji High School. He is excited to be back in the area and have an opportunity to expand and share his experience with students.

Business and Industry Experiences

Students in the Light, Sound and Video Academy will participate in technical support at BHS Auditorium or Sanford Center as deemed appropriate. Students may have job shadowing experience with technical support staff at BHS, Sanford Center or Nlfx.


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