The Mechatronics Academy is a competency-based training program designed to assure graduating students have demonstrated knowledge and skills essential to perform troubleshooting, service, and repair on mechatronical and electrical systems in an industrial setting. This Academy will prepare trainees for jobs which require electrical, mechanical, computer, robotics, and automation skills sets. The electromechanical and robotics training provided in the Mechatronics Academy will prepare graduates to enter the industrial sector in positions such as industrial maintenance technician, automated manufacturing technician, electrical technician, mechanical technician, and industrial maintenance and repair. The combination of skills gained through this training is highly transferable to technician jobs in many industry sectors.

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Job Outlook

Mechatronics Job Outlook: Industrial Machinery Mechanics
Mechatronics Job Outlook: Computer Controlled Machine Tool Operators
Mechatronics Job Outlook: Machinists

Required Courses

  • Mechatronics (Mechanical Fabrication)
  • Mechatronics (AC/DC Electrical Systems)
  • Mechatronics (Basic Hydraulics)
  • Mechatronics (Rotating Machines)
  • Work Seminar
  • Real World Experience

Mechatronics Career Academy
Foundational Classes: Work Seminar and Technical Math

Recommended Courses

  • Introduction to Industrial Technology
  • Electricity & Electronics
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Advanced Machine Tool Technology

Mechatronics Documents


Fun Facts

  1. The Minnesota Innovation Institute Mechatronic Program is considered the gold standard for front line industrial training nationally.  In going through our program students can earn MSSC (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council) certificates and college credit at select colleges.
  2. There are over 1,500 jobs available in manufacturing, mechanics and technologists.  The Minnesota Innovation Institute works directly with manufacturing companies  to do job placement.  We have an 88% job placement success rate.
  3. The Minnesota Innovation Institute works with students to get training and subsequent immediate job placement.  Summer jobs start at $13.50 and full time employment at $22.50, with many options in between.

Career Options

High school and 2-year college: 
Industrial maintenance technician, automated manufacturing technician, electrical technician, mechanical technician, and industrial maintenance and repair.

Four-year college or more: 
Any Engineering degree, Engineering is the most versatile degree to receive for a career in business and industry.

Job Skills

In addition to having technical skills, employers expect their workers to have other skills such as:

  • Listening skills
  • Effective communication
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management
  • Tools and equipment management

Work Seminar

Work Seminar is an on-campus business course used in conjunction with Internship and Work-Based Learning experiences. Students interested in obtaining high school credit through Interning should register for Work Seminar. This course gives students the opportunity to explore various careers and build essential foundational skills in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. Aptitude and personality analysis are explored along with work safety, resume building, interview preparation, and budgeting. Soft skills taught throughout the course include: responsibility at the workplace, taking initiative, reliability, workplace ethics, and communication skills.

Post Secondary Programs

Available through Northwest Technical College, Alexandria Technical College, Northland Community College. Upon completion of each of the pyramid levels of Mechatronics training, the trainees are eligible for certificates of completion from the Minnesota Innovative Institute.

Business and Industry Experiences/Partners

Potlatch,Norbord, Marvin Windows and Doors, Nortech Systems, Team Industries, DEED, Ottertail Power, Idea Circle
Students in the academy do research on their career interests, tour local business and manufacturing, attend career fairs, have opportunities to intern and job shadow for real life manufacturing experience, and apply for careers in mechatronics with manufacturing companies.


Congratulations to our Mechatronics Students!

Front Left: Arvid Larson, Brian Holthusen, Corey McAllister, Kyle Redland, Kaleb Tronnes, Branden Mcclellan, Mark Dockter. Back Left: Dominic Needham Jr., Bryce Hendricks, Jacob Smith, Dylan Weber, Matthew Dahl. 

Alex Tech Certificate Awards for Term 3.

From Left: Bryce Hendricks, Kyle Redland and Dylan Weber. Not pictured Brandon McClellan.